My name is Hazel Earle, and I am an Actress and Producer based in the North West. Welcome to my wee website, where I try to collect and curate some of the work that I have been involved in over the years. This is also the place to read up on my latest Acting work in Film, Theatre or Professional role play

As an Actor

I was bitten by the acting bug very early on in life, and once leaving secondary school I immediately pursued education and training in the Arts. I am originally from Rainhill in Merseyside, but I moved to Manchester in 2003 to train at The Arden School of Theatre, graduating with a BA Honours in 2006. I am a proud supporter of the arts in the North West and am regularly engaged with the theatre and film-making scene in the region.

As an Actor, I have worked in theatres and venues including The Royal Exchange, The Lowry, BBC North, Home, Contact, Bolton Octagon, and Sheffield’s Crucible. On film, I have starred in feature films Mancattan and Seeing Smoke, and have regularly appeared in numerous short films and music videos for Directors across the UK. Please check my Acting Resume if you would like to see a more complete picture of my body of work.


As a Producer

In 2010, I co-founded Hazel Tree Productions to produce independent theatre work. With HTP I produced and starred in two Shakespearian productions and one original Christmas-comedy with the company.

Most recently, I have begun producing short-film monologues under Studio: Hazel Earle, where I hope to build up a large portfolio that allows me to stretch and play a variety of roles in "short-bites", whilst experimenting with different film forms and genres.

The Craft

With years of experience, on both sides of the stage and camera, I am committed to ensuring audiences have the most immersive and enjoyable time possible when they are able to visit the worlds of theatre, film and art. I am particularly passionate when working with new writers - I particularly loved being able to Produce a play, Grotto, which was especially commissioned and written by Chris Dance for us to perform.
I also get to play with the latest film technologies and gadgets thanks to my husband, Technologist and Film-Maker Colin Warhurst. Over the years I've featured in experimental films shot with drones, 360, 3D and 4K cameras! It's great being able to work as an Actor in entirely new mediums, allowing me to adapt existing techniques from my acting toolkit, as well as discovering new ideas that need to be developed to fit entirely new mediums.
I invite you to explore my work on this website, and to get in touch should you have any queries regarding any new or exciting acting or producing opportunities.